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Steam, water, gas, oil or condensate leaks are not acceptable in today’s industry. These leaks on industrial plants could cost millions of euros in lost energy, safety hazards, and lowering the reliability of plant operations. And we are not even talking about the impact on the environment. Correcting leaks is one of the highest return of investment a plant can do and instituting operational changes to prevent any leakage from occurring again in the system.

Leak Sealing Steam

A steam leak shown in the above picture has the following effects:

  • Energy loss: €26.935,00 per year
  • Emissions: 271238.71182 kg. CO2 per year and 213.188 kg. NOX per year.
  • Safety Issue
  • Reliability: a plant shutdown have to occur to correct the leak
  • Cost of steam: €6.25 per 453kg, operating 350 days a year, with 5 bar steam pressure

Steam, water, gas, oil and condensate leaks are the top five opportunities for reducing energy and increasing reliability and safety in plant operations. Leaks result in the loss of both latent and sensible energy often to as much as 9% of the overall energy consumption.

Due to high cost of these energy losses, the correction of leaks offers very lucrative paybacks. The greatest benefit of a proactive leakage correction program is that most leaks can be corrected without expending capital.

Steam Leak Sealing
The steam leak shown in the above picture has the following effects:
Steam cost per 453kg€6,25
Steam pressure3 bar
Steam loss (pph)491
CO2 emissions/year258322.6691
NOx emissions/year203.209
Safety issueYes
Shutdown required for correctionYes

Even for the most experienced plant personnel, determining the diameter of the leak path is difficult at best. A steam leak, as an example, is extremely hot and trying to measure the diameter of the path can be dangerous. Many times, the actual leak cannot be observed due to insulation or other factors.

Leaks can occur in the packing around a control valve stem, a union connection, a flange connection, etc. It is definitely not always easy to determine the actual size of the hole. Here at Patriot International only trained personnel with the correct tools are allowed to visually determine the leak diameter from a safe distance.

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