Flange Weld Tester

Pressure Testing


The Patriot Internationals range of pressure testing products allow our clients to confidently test open ended and flanged pipework to high pressures. With the range of Flange Weld Tester and GripTight equipment, we can test most configurations, providing a fast and highly efficient method of achieving the desired result.

Flange Weld Tester/ Internal Weld Tester

We have flange weld tester(s) for a wide range of pipe sizes ranging from ½" to 36". All flange weld testers are checked at our on-site facilities and are ready for immediate mobilisation. We can also provide bespoke flange weld testers to meet customer requirements and special equipment for pipes or joints above 36".


Engineered for pressure testing open-ended pipe in applications such as down hole / well-head piping, high pressure steam systems and high alloy hardened materials. GripTight Test Plugs eliminate the need to weld on / cut off end caps, allowing you to self-perform pressure tests! Cutting down on testing time and additional man hours needed for craft work.


Control the flow in your pipelines with pipe stoppers that can safely halt the flow of materials and water. Whether you need to carry out repairs to a part of the pipeline or block a flow in sewers, we offer pipe stoppers to suit every type of pipeline. From inflatable stoppers to air testing stoppers.

Precision Testing Pump

Robust precision testing pump for the pressure testing of water lines and containers up to 60 bar with very high testing standards.

Key Features:

  • A drag indicator displays the pre-set pressure so that a loss of pressure in the system can be detected easier;
  • Reliable and precise testing results: the dual-valve system (Twin Valve) enables self-testing of the pump, as well as a precise fine adjustment of the pressure;
  • Especially precise reading as needed: finely scaled (scaling 0.1 bar) pressure gauge available separately;
  • Testing hose with steel mesh prevents reading mistakes, that can happen when the hose expands during operation;
  • Type 50-S: Weather and cold-resistant steel container with DURAMANT coating;
  • Type 50-S INOX: high-quality corrosion resistant stainless steel tank.

Double Block and Bleed

Double Block and Bleed Test / Isolation Plug

Positively Isolate Explosive Vapors from Hot Work Areas When Performing Modifications and Repairs

Positively isolate and monitor potentially explosive vapors during hot work, then effectively hydrotest the new weld connection with one tool. The dual port creates a positive pressure barrier between the seals - safely isolating the hot work from any residual upstream gases.

Lightweight aluminum/steel construction makes our DBB plug significantly lighter than other plugs on the market, often allowing operators to circumvent the use of cranes and/or other lifting devices, which can be in high demand during turnarounds. Our 8” schedule 80 plug weighs just 36lbs (16.3kg) compared to other plugs weighing in excess of 100lbs (45.4kg) of the same size.

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