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Inventory of specialist equipment

Patriot International has a continually development of its inventory of specialist equipment in its fleet. Our products are suitable for oil, gas, petroleum, energy, wind power, construction and fabrication industries. All our equipment and tooling has been specifically chosen for its ease of use, reliability, innovation and safety.

We are not restricted to any one brand or manufacturer and are free to identify the most suitable equipment to fit our client’s demands. Our product portfolio consists of controlled bolt tightening, machining, pressure testing and heat treatment. All equipment in our topside rental fleet is also available for purchase.

Controlled Bolt Tightening

Within industry today the need for Controlled Bolt Tightening is as much a necessity as the bolts themselves. It is a vital part of the joint integrity in order to achieve uniformed bolt loading and an even gasket compression. Whether Torque or Tension, Patriot can offer a complete range of Bolt Tightening and specialist ancillary equipment to handle all eventualities.

In-Situ Machining

In-Situ Machining comes into its own when a work piece is too large or fixed in application and cannot be moved to a machine shop. Portable machines can be used in some of the most remote situations and produce equally high standards of quality and finish to that of a machine shop. Be it Pipe Cutting, Flange Facing, Milling, Drilling or Boring, the range of portable machines can be mobilised to the location at minimal notice.

Pressure Testing

The Patriot range of pressure testing products allow our clients to confidently test open ended and flanged pipework to high pressures. With the range of Flange Weld Testers and Grip Tights; we can test most configurations, providing a fast and highly efficient method of achieving the desired result.

Heat Treatment

Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment can be achieved with conventional “Resistance” type or “Induction” type units. “Induction” heating has the benefit of being more energy and time efficient however; the “Resistance” has the versatility for use on a wider range of applications.

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