According to a survey of more than 17.000 industry professionals, the oil and gas industry is facing a skills crisis.

It is expected that the situation will get worse over the next five years, which will result in increased costs and less productivity. According to the report, engineering roles are facing the biggest skills shortage.

‘Playing catch-up’

According to the survey, half said they are worried about the impact of the latent crisis. The report found that young people were less attracted to big salaries than in the past- and instead wanted roles, which offered promotion opportunities.

Competition for engineering talent is now fierce with tech firms in particular going after the same students who would historically have flocked to oil and gas.

Source: BBC

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

Here at patriot international we experience the problems in the sector first hand. Finding skilled personnel is one thing, finding reliable staff is a completely different story.

With Patriot International | The Academy we are able to train staff internally and give them the much needed skill set to perform their tasks in the field. That is why we ‘Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill’.

Staff that lack skill, but have the right attitude are welcome at Patriot International | The Academy. We will give them training that gives them the right skill they need to perform their tasks in the field.

Patriot International | The Academy

Here at Patriot International we believe training to be one of the most important commodities in the industry, both for the individual and the company. Training gives motivation, increased understanding and improved team capability. All training courses at Patriot International are geared towards providing our clients with skills that will enable them to improve efficiency in the application of specialist pipework construction and maintenance services. The courses can be tailored to suit your specific technical and financial requirements.