NB & HD Clamshell

NB HD Clamshell - pipe cutting bevelling machine

The NB & HD clamshell are highly portable split frame lathes ideally suited for machining applications within new construction, decommissioning, component replacement, fabrication and refurbishment industries.

The NB series (Narrow Body) clamshells are designed with a lower profile for reduced weight and increased functionality in confined work spaces. The series is comprised of 15 standard models covering a range from 2.0 in (50.8mm) to 36 in (914.4 mm) OD.

The split frame design of the NB clamshell allows for installation of the machine at any point along a pipeline. These portable split frame machines accept a wide range of accessories to increase performance and expand capabilities. Accessories for the Patriot International clamshells include sever slides, axial feed, single point, counterbore and swivel head modules.

In addition to the bolt-on options Patriot International also offers a full range of in-house designed and manufactured bits as well as several different drive options including hydraulic, pneumatic and electric.

The robust design of the HD series (Heavy Duty) clamshells make them ideal for large diameter heavy wall pipe machining applications in new construction, decommissioning, component replacement and fabrication projects. The series is comprised of 16 standard models covering a range of 20in (508 mm) to 86in (2184.4 mm) OD. The machines within the HD series use a patented, fully adjustable, heavy duty bearing design which provides greater serviceability and increased life.

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