Precision Testing Pump

Precision Testing Pump

RP 50-S / RP 50-S INOX
Robust precision testing pump for the pressure testing of water lines and containers up to 60 bar with very high testing standards.

Key Features

  • A drag indicator displays the preset pressure so that a loss of pressure in the system can be detected easier;
  • Reliable and precise testing results: the dual-valve system (Twin Valve) enables self-testing of the pump, as well as a precise fine adjustment of the pressure;
  • Especially precise reading as needed: finely scaled (scaling 0.1 bar) pressure gauge available separately;
  • Testing hose with steel mesh prevents reading mistakes, that can happen when the hose expands during operation;
  • Type 50-S: Weather and cold-resistant steel container with DURAMANT coating;
  • Type 50-S INOX: high-quality corrosion resistant stainless steel tank.

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