In-place Machining

In-place machine

In-situ Machining | On site machining

In-Place Machining

In-Place Machining comes into its own when a workpiece is too large or fixed in application and cannot be moved to a machine shop.

Portable machines can be used in some of the most remote situations and produce equally high standards of quality and finish to that of a machine shop.

Be it Pipe Cutting, Flange Facing, Milling, Drilling or Boring, the range of portable machines can be mobilised to the location at minimal notice.

Pipe Cutting

Our NB & HD clamshells machines are made to cut, bevel, counter bore, single point and flange face on pipe and tubing of all types of materials and wall thicknesses. Our distinct machines, array of accessories and drive options, there is a perfect configuration to meet most any on-site machining application.

Our machines are engineered to operate safely and accurately in the most demanding environments and critical applications. The base, steel pinion gear and high bearing count are made rugged, ready to perform when called upon.

Flange Facing

Flange Facing Machine(s) from Patriot International offers reliable inner and outer diameter flange facing. The Flange Facing Machine(s) are powered by our pneumatic motors to accurately meet your requirements.

Milling & Drilling

Our tools are designed for rugged on-site machining like milling, drilling and boring applications on jobs without disassembly. The precision ground dovetails have adjustable gibs, this provides smooth and accurate travel on all axis.

When the tool is used for face milling, the milling machine tool will quickly face off pitted or misaligned surfaces, restoring the part to its original condition. What’s also available for all axis are servo power feeds, this allows the application to run smooth and feed it with a consistent power throughout the speed range.


The machines of Patriot International represent the world’s most advanced technology for on-site boring. Leading engineering and cutting edge technology for safe, reliable and accurate cutting.

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