Large Diameter Pipe Cutting Equipment | Up to 80’’ (2032 mm)

Pipe Cutting

Large Diameter Equipment

Patriot International’s Large Pipe Cutting Equipment will meet and exceed your demands of your toughest projects. Our Large Diameter Pipe Cutting Equipment provide you with unique solutions for large pipe diameters and are designed to do your job fast, efficient and above all safe.

Pipe Cutting Equipment Rental

Our solution for you includes Large Diameter Pipe Cutting Equipment called HD Clamshells with cutting range that start at 48” and go up to 80’’ in diameter. Our Pipe Cutting Machines are highly mobile and suited for machining applications within new construction, decommissioning, component replacement, fabrication and refurbishment industries.

Pipe Cutting On-Site Services

We are able to provide you with On-Site Pipe Cutting Service in case you don’t have the skills. We work with our own equipment and highly skilled technicians; because of this we are mobile and able to keep the cost low, but without compromise of quality.

In-Situ Machining Rental

At Patriot International we give you the choice of a wide range of In-Situ Machining equipment to rent. Our equipment gives you the opportunity to work fast, highly efficient, but above all safe so you can achieve the desired result. If you need equipment for Pipe Cutting, Flange Facing, Milling, Drilling or Boring, we are able to mobiles the equipment at your location at minimal notice.

Pipe Cutting Training

If you need to cut a pipe, but do not know how to do it? Here at Patriot International we offer special Pipe Cutting training. During this training you’ll get familiar with the Pipe Cutting technics and learn how to operate the equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

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    on-site services

    Patriot International is provider of on-site services aimed to maintain the integrity of pipework.


    Patriot International has a constantly growing stock of specialist tools and machines at its disposal.


    At Patriot International we believe that training is one of the most important aspects of the industry.


    With our comprehensive pool of specialist technicians and engineers, we mobilize manpower at short notice.



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