Controlled Bolt Tightening

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Controlled Bolt Tightening

We have a team of highly skilled technicians that are experts in Bolting and Bolted Joint Integrity and they make sure bolted connections are leak-free.

Our products use the latest innovations to ensure that our Bolting and Bolted Joint Integrity operations are carried out fast, efficient and above all safe! Our technicians ensure that correct bolt loads are achieved.

Controlled Bolt Tightening – Torque and Tensioning

Our highly skilled technicians are confident in what they do, whether is it torque or tensioning. They carry out their tasks fast, efficient and safe to ensure the correct bolt loads are achieved. We combine out technicians with our own equipment to provide you with the best quality of service the market has to offer.

Seized Nut Splitting

From time to time our technicians encounter seized and corroded nuts, these can severely delay maintenance schedules. The combination of our Nut Splitting Tools and highly skilled technicians a delay will never trouble you again.

Flange Spreading – Gasket Access

Starting up leak-free is our goal; however sometimes there is the need to replace worn or damaged gaskets and those operations can be very time consuming. Our highly skilled technicians are capable of quickly accessing and replacing the gaskets in a fast, efficient and safe way using our purpose-built flange spreaders.

Flange Pulling – Pipe Alignment

Misalignment of pipes will cause delays. With the Flange Pullers from Patriot International in combination with our highly skilled technicians, they are able to quickly orientate pipes and connect them with minimum downtime.

Ultrasonic Bolt Load Management

In many applications, confirmation of the correct load is necessary. Friction, temperature and machining tolerance all affect the bolt load. See you can read achieving the correct bolt load is very complex. Patriot International’s Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement service provides the assurance all bolts have the correct load.

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    on-site services

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