On-Line Leak Sealing Services

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On-Line Leak Sealing

Patriot International On-Line Leak Sealing Services provides a safe, fast, effective and reliable method for sealing leaks that occur in industrial pressured pipeline systems without having to perform a shutdown.

Type of leaks

Leaks can occur in many forms, therefore the most common leaks that we come across on site are:

  • Leaking pipeline flanges
  • Leaking pipeline welds
  • Leaking valve flanges
  • Leaking valve gland packing
  • Pinholes in various equipment
  • Erosion of material

Competitive advantages of Patriot International On-Line Leak Sealing Services

Whether it’s steam, hydrocarbons or gas, including many types of chemicals at various applications, temperatures and pressures, Patriot International will offer a leak sealing solution. From drill and tap techniques of valve bonnets to solutions based on ring clamps or full enclosures, we’ll offer up the most safe, effective and cost efficient solution.

During maintenance shutdowns Patriot International can re-machine damaged flanges through our On Site Machining services

To prevent future leaks Patriot International can offer a complete Controlled Bolt Tightening Service for all your bolted connections.

  • Highly trained and motivated technicians and engineers who have state of the art equipment and facilities at their disposal.
  • 24/7 availability in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.
  • A broad base of additional services available such as On-Site Machining & Bolting Services
  • Proven track record for a broad number of customers in various industrial markets.

On-Line Leak Sealing step by step

Patriot International performs the following steps to accomplish the job:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Engineering
  3. Crosscheck engineering
  4. Manufacturing of clamps/enclosures
  5. Installation
  6. Reporting


Engineering is performed in accordance with the ASME standards. This to ensure that the strength and therefore integrity and safety of the chosen leak sealing solution is guaranteed. Other standards are possible on request.

Crosscheck Engineering

Patriot International engineering competence center is located in the Netherlands. This competence center also supports the engineering of standard and complex leak sealing solutions.


Patriot International has a wide range of pre-machined clamps and enclosures on stock. Therefore the Patriot International manufacturing facilities are capable of producing clamps & enclosures within a very short lead time.


Installation is performed by professional Patriot International’s technicians. We have developed and set up a training facility to give our technicians the additional technical and practical advantage to get the job done. All technicians have a wide variety of special tools at their disposal to make sure all installations are performed safe, fast and effective.

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    on-site services

    Patriot International is provider of on-site services aimed to maintain the integrity of pipework.


    Patriot International has a constantly growing stock of specialist tools and machines at its disposal.


    At Patriot International we believe that training is one of the most important aspects of the industry.


    With our comprehensive pool of specialist technicians and engineers, we mobilize manpower at short notice.



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