Presenting the SABR™ Clamp for Hot Bolting

Patriot International is proud to announce the SABR™ Clamp (Safety Apparatus Bolt Replacement). The SABR™ Clamp is a leap forward in safety and ease of use for any Hot Bolting procedure. Next to our SABR™ Clamp we would like to announce our NEW Hot Bolting Service.

SABR™ Clamp by Patriot International

Patriot International’s specially designed SABR™ Clamp provides an external clamping force to maintain the joint integrity whilst the Hot Bolting procedure is undertaken. Our clamps are not restricted to 4 or 8 bolt flanges. All flange sizes have the possibility for failure when disturbed during a Hot Bolt procedure. Our SABR™ Clamps are delivered in a custom made Flight Case inclusive of all components.

Hot Bolting Service or SABR™ Clamp Rental?

Our highly skilled technicians execute our Hot Bolting Services. We use our own in-house designed SABR™ Clamp, which is made in a certain way so our technicians can do the job fast and safe while maintaining the integrity of your assets. Our SABR™ Clamps are also available for rental.

Patriot International

Patriot International provides you with safe, on-site bolt replacement or Hot Bolting Services. We are able to perform these services without damages or leakages on your assets or interruptions in your daily productions.


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