Here at Patriot International we believe training to be one of the most important commodities in the industry, both for the individual and the company. Training gives motivation, increased understanding and improved team capability.

Next month their will be an On-Site Machining Course available at our training Academy in Aberdeen. Spaces are still available.

Pipe Cutting, Beveling & Flange Facing

  • 4.5 Day Training – Introduction to On-Site Machining (This covers Pipe Cutting, Beveling & Flange Facing on RF Flanges)
  • Venue – Patriot International, Aberdeen
  • Lunch provided each day
  • Certificate issued after completion
  • W/c Monday 11th November

More training options

All our training courses at Patriot International are geared towards providing our clients with skills that will enable them to improve efficiency in the application of specialist pipework construction and maintenance services. Here at Patriot International | The Academy we have multiple courses available for you to take.


We help companies with the search for creative solutions. Whether you need on-site service, equipment, manpower or training. We offer:

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