Patriot International is provider of special piping equipment and training for the oil, gas and energy sector.

We strive to raise the standards against which others will be judged. We build upon a team of people that have attitude, determination and who will not be afraid to attempt the difficult and in doing so, will become capable of achieving the impossible.

Here at Patriot International we believe training to be one of the most important commodities in the industry, both for the individual and the company. Training gives motivation, increased understanding and improved team capability.

Through training we develop personally and therefore are able to contribute more towards the growth and the innovation of our respective teams and organisations.

All training courses at Patriot International are geared towards providing our clients with skills that will enable them to improve efficiency in the application of specialist pipework construction and maintenance services. The courses can be tailored to suit your specific technical and financial requirements.

Courses include:

2 1/2 days:      Controlled Bolt Tightening | ECITB MJI 10/18/19 + TMJI

4 days:             Introduction to In-Situ Machining – Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

2 days:             Flange Facing – Raised Face + 2 day Ring Type Joint

2 days:             Milling, Drilling, Boring

2 1/2 days:      Heat Treatment

After the initial training of a client’s personnel, Patriot International can provide experienced site supervisors to oversee the various stages of a project, may it be the beginning, critical stages or even the project in its entirety. Training the client’s staff will allow the trainees the opportunity to utilise their new skills and potential in a real work environment, knowing that there is additional support if required.


We help companies with the search for creative solutions. Whether you need equipment, manpower or training. We have the solution!

Do not wait any longer and contact us today. Be amazed by the solutions that we can arrange for you.