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Digital Pressure Gauges

Digital Pressure Gauges


Model No.Gauge Diameter mmPressure Reading BarPressure Reading PSIPressure Reading mPaPressure Reading Kg/cm2Inlet ThreadWeight kg
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The Patriot International HDG1 digital pressure gauge is capable of measuring hydraulic pressure up to 1000 bar (14,503 PSI) and can display in a variety of units of measure that include bar, psi, mPa, kg/cm2, as well as one additional user defined, programmable unit. This high quality gauge offers an accuracy of 0.5% across its full scale range and incorporates a laser welded, stainless steel sensor & socket making it suitable for use with a wide variety of fluids. Standard features also include tare, min and max memory, blue backlight display, rubber protective enclosure and IP67 weatherproof enclosure rating.

  • LCD display with 12 mm, 5 digit upper line pressure reading and 6 mm, 5 digit lower line unit reading.
  • Blue backlight allows reading in low visibility situations
  • 20 segment graphical display of pressure
  • 0.5% terminal point accuracy
  • Minimum 2000 hours battery life (3 VDC)
  • Supplied with protective rubber enclosure
  • Suitable gauge mounting blocks available

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Digital Pressure Gauge