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Patriot International is provider of on-site services, equipment rental, training and manpower for the oil, gas and energy sectors.

We strive to raise the standards against which others will be judged. We build upon a team of people that have attitude, determination and who will not be afraid to attempt the difficult and in doing so, will become capable of achieving the impossible.

Patriot International offers a wide variety of rental equipment and on-site services for the oil, gas and energy industry on a global scale. We offer a wide range of the following rental equipment:


- Controlled Bolt tightening
- In-Situ Machining
- Pressure Testing
- Heat Treatment


- Hydraulic Hand Tooling
- Controlled Bolt Tightening (Subsea)
- Additional Subsea Equipment

All our tools and machines have been specifically chosen for their user friendliness, reliability, innovation and safety. We do not limit ourselves to a brand or manufacturer and therefore we are free to find the most suitable tools that meet the demands of our clients which provides the best solutions for pipeline work in the oil, gas and energy sector.

On-site Services

Patriot International is a skilled provider of on-site services aimed to maintain the integrity of production and process plant and pipework. With our own extensive range of portable machining equipment, coupled with highly skilled technicians we are able to provide you with cost-effective machining on-site at any location, at any time.

Polaris is a dedicated manpower supplier in the oil and energy industry. Our goal is to be the first choice supplier through our commitment to safety, drive to exceed expectations and our unsurpassed performance.

Polaris aims to offer skilled technicians and specialised solutions. Be it on-site machining, controlled bolt tightening, heat treatment or pressure testing, we provide excellent service.

6 reasons to choose Patriot International

  • Patriot International has the ability to offer credible solutions. Through years of experience and a good understanding of the sector, we are able to achieve the intended results.
  • We are able to fully support you. For your project we can provide you with specialized piping equipment and manpower that have been trained to work with in order to achieve the intended results.
  • We have 3 offices in Europe, at strategic locations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom.
  • Patriot International offers specialized training through the Academy to technicians of both our customers and self-employed.
  • We are a recognized ECITB Training Center, ISO certified and registered with FPAL.
  • We have an "Attempt the difficult" attitude and are therefore not afraid to try the hard part and find positive solutions to the problems of our customers.

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    Stephan van Groningen

    International Account Manager


    on-site services

    Patriot International is provider of on-site services aimed to maintain the integrity of pipework.


    Patriot International has a constantly growing stock of specialist tools and machines at its disposal.


    At Patriot International we believe that training is one of the most important aspects of the industry.


    With our comprehensive pool of specialist technicians and engineers, we mobilize manpower at short notice.



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