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Patriot International

Patriot International is the provider of on-site services, special piping rental equipment, training and manpower for the oil, gas and energy sector.

We strive to raise the standards against which others will be judged. We build upon a team of people that have attitude, determination and who will not be afraid to attempt the difficult and in doing so, will become capable of achieving the impossible

We, at Patriot International, are always looking for talented people with the right attitude, determination and who are not afraid to attempt the difficult and in doing so helping the company achieve the impossible.

Patriot International

Founded in 2002, Patriot International met the demand for specialized piping equipment for piping in the oil, gas and energy sectors.

Since, we’ve been expanding and adapting our products and services according to the markets demands. Hence our goal, to provide innovative solutions, and find the right tools that is available to meet different tasks;

“Integrated Solutions to Piping Problems”.