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Patriot International

Patriot International is the provider of on-site services, special piping rental equipment, training and manpower for the oil, gas and energy sector. 

We strive to raise the standards against which others will be judged. We build upon a team of people that have attitude, determination and who will not be afraid to attempt the difficult and in doing so, will become capable of achieving the impossible.

This is what we do

Patriot International was founded in 2002 to meet the demand for specialized piping equipment in the oil, gas and energy sectors both onshore and offshore.

We started out as a rental company for specialized piping equipment and soon we became one of the largest companies within the industry on the European continent. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our product and service offer.

The Academy and Polaris Specialist Service Provider (Now part of Patriot International, Manpower) both have been developed to meet the markets demands, more on that later on.

Fast forward to current times and we’ve become the provider of on-site services, special piping rental equipment, training and manpower for the oil, gas and energy sector on a global scale.

On-Site Services

Patriot International is a skilled provider of on-site services. With this type of service we go on-site at our clients location to perform jobs that require our expertise, hence the name ‘On-Site Services’. Combine this with our own fleet of equipment and we are able to work in remote locations; fast, effective and above all safe.

Equipment Rental

Patriot International has a continually growing inventory of specialist piping equipment in its rental fleet. All our equipment and tooling has been chosen for its ease of use, reliability, innovation and safety. Our product portfolio consists of controlled bolt tightening, machining, pressure testing and heat treatment.


We believe that training is one of the most important commodities in the industry, both for the individual and the company. Training gives motivation, increased understanding and improved team capability.

Our training courses are aimed at technicians how what to become active in the oil, gas and energy industry or technicians how what to learn new skills.

For young people between the ages of 18-25 we’ve to S.P.E.A.R program. During this program the become employees of Patriot International. They start working in the workshop to learn everything about the equipment and how to operate them. After that they will go on-site to put everything they have learned into practice. You can read more about it on our S.P.E.A.R. program.


We are able to provide our clients with dedicated manpower. With manpower we say technicians like bolters, machinists, riggers, testers, etc., how are active in the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry. When it comes to manpower we have the objective to be the first choice supplier through commitment to safety, drive to exceed expectations and our value added performance.