Decommissioning Services

The mechanical decommissioning of an offshore platform or onshore plant consisting of pipework, associated equipment and vessels, steel and or concrete structure requires a variety of equipment in order to complete the task in a safe and efficient manner. Patriot International has assembled a range of specialist tooling specifically for the purpose of mechanically dismantling the pipework and structure of both onshore and offshore installations. The complexity of the piping modules, access and materials to be removed provide many challenges to the project in hand. At Patriot International we take as simple and as methodical approach as possible in order to plan the removals in a logical sequence and minimise the disruption to the many other activities being carried out at the same time.

Mechanical Dismantling / Cable Shear / Nutsplitting/ Flange Separation

Pipe Cutting / Pipework Removal

Diamond Wire Cutting / Structure Removal

Subsea Pipe Cutting

Recycling of Construction Materials