Mechanical Completion Services

There are many services required to mechanically complete a system and the order in which they are deployed can change along with the priorities. A proper assessment of what is required prior to arriving on site is obviously important, however having not only the ability, but also the capability to manage any changes that occur for whatever reason during the project requires another mindset. Being pro-active is vital in any industry, but there is also a need to be re-active and that comes into its own when the unplanned or unexpected happens. At Patriot we aim to plan for the foreseen, but also be ready for the unforeseen. Involvement in the mechanical completion stage allows us an invaluable insight to the Commissioning and with our Multi-Skilled Teams we can provide a seamless flow of integrated services from one to the other.

Hot Bolting

SABR Clamp

Controlled Bolt Tightening

Torquing & Tensioning

Nut Splitting, Flange Spreading / Alignment

Flange Management

On Site Machining

Pipe Cutting / Bevelling

Flange Facing

Drilling / Boring


Mechanical / Pipe Fitting

Ancillary Equipment and Services