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Prevention is always better than cure and in the case of leaking pipework, this is most definitely the case. Whenever a potential leak is identified due to thinning of the wall of the pipe, vessel or tank, Patriot has a number of composite repair solutions to not only prevent the leak from happening, but also add strength to apparatus. Leaks are however unavoidable in some cases and as such a cure must be found. At Patriot, we can offer a complete service from the initial survey to assess the leak through to the design, manufacture and installation of a bespoke leak repair clamp. Obviously time can be critical in most of these situations and the need to provide a fast, efficient and technically sound solution is at the forefront of Patriot’s service.

Composite Repair

Preventative Method
When corrosion or erosion causes reduced wall thickness in a pipe, vessel or tank.
Composite Repair will replace and protect the corroded / eroded material and in some cases, provide a stronger than original result
Due to the versatility of the application, almost any customised repair can be undertaken
Pipework with bends, tees, nozzles. Vessels or Tank roofs are all possible situations that can be repaired with composites
Not restricted by the medium flowing through the pipe or vessel

Leak Repair

Leaks are costly both in terms of money and energy and can create dangerous situations as well as impacting the environment
Steam, water, acids or chemicals at temperatures from 20 0C to 780 0C and pressures up to 150 bar are all conditions which have been overcome in the past
Flanges, valves, pipelines, exchangers, or stuffing boxes are just some of the applications which can be sealed
Oil refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants as well as power plants and food factories all have need of Leak Repair services
A combined 35 years of experience in Leak Repair
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