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7 Months

Any decommissioning work offshore has a variety of challenges, in particular the remoteness of the Location. For this reason when you undertake a scope of work, you need to have everything to hand you require to complete the task, as getting supplies from the beach can take some time and effort to arrange. The scope was to cut out various diameters of pipework throughout the group of offshore islands. The machine requirement was for over 30 pipe cutting machines and all ancillaries, hand tools, spares and cutting tools and coolants to complete the work over a period of 5 to 6 months. The preparation to mobilise the project was fairly intense, but completed and delivered by Patriot Logistics to Denmark for prior inspection before being sent offshore. By far the bigger task was the clean up operation when the machines were returned.


Due to the compatibility of our range of pipe cutting machines, all tool slides, air motors, extensions, tools steel was interchangeable with all other machines on board, it allowed for maximum utilisation with minimal or no waiting time to set up on the next cut. Result: Another satisfied customer.