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New Build: Mechanical Completion and Commissioning

North Netherlands

A new build project can have many contractors on site required to work together to achieve an end result. With this in mind, we were asked to provide Pneumatic Testing services on various piping systems as part of new build plant. Upon commencement of the project we were awarded a further scope of Hydrostatic Testing. The testing in conjunction with the mechanical isolation, joint integrity and pipework reinstatement became our remit. During our time on the project, we have had regular communication with the client in order to identify other work scopes that could be undertaken by our multi-skilled team already on site. Our responsibilities were expanded to include all mechanical completion activities, including joint assembly, controlled bolt tightening and subsequent flange management and if required, in-situ machining applications. Also the Commissioning Services, Pneumatic and Hydrostatic Testing, Line Drying and also specialist pipe cleaning activities. The aim was to provide a complete self reliant team including our own rigging and first aid capability to maintain control and flow of the project without having to wait for 3rd parties.


Patriot was able to demonstrate almost the complete range of services it can deliver to a project, including our own Logistics Division which gives us control of how and when we can deliver to site.