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Special Machine Design & Service

Rotterdam Netherlands

The request came from a civil construction client who were looking to carry out a major upgrade and repairs on a main road traffic tunnel over a very busy motorway. The work was planned to take more than 12 months without continuous access. The first task was to design a special milling machine that had to fit into a very tight space envelope and be capable of milling / cutting welded plates on the outside of structural pipes. The milling machine had to follow the contour of the pipe diameters and work on the underside of the pipe. The work had to be undertaken on a specially constructed mobile platform above the motorway. The end result was a specially designed milling machine which was interfaced with 2 of our rental fleet Pipe Cutting machines. Upon completion of successful cutting trials, we developed a training course for the machine and 4 of our Technicians were given the hands on experience. The Machine complete with spares and redundancy motors were mobilised with the 2 teams of specialist technicians to start the project.


The initial operations were successful, although we did need to modify the milling machine motor to allow for the excessive dust at the work location and the fact that it was working upside down. After the modifications, the machine performed extremely well both in terms of cutting ability and within the timescale allowed.